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Total waste treatment

Special waste treatment safe for the environment

Capacity : from 5 to 3.000 kg/h

  • Treatment of special industrial waste
  • Treatment of hazardous industrial waste
  • Treatment of healthcare activity waste with risk of infection
  • Treatment of animal waste

A secure and proven solution for the treatment of special solid, liquid or soggy waste

With a traditional design, waste treatment installations can consist of a static furnace, a post- combustion chamber and other elements such as a boiler (heat exchanger) for steam production (possibly coupled with energy recovery) and a specific fumes filtration.

Several definitions can be proposed :

  • Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic feeding
  • Manual or fully automatic ash removal
  • Fumes treatment by wet filtration (wet scrubber) or dry filtration (ceramic)

The general principle consists in the combustion of waste at high temperature, between 900°C and 1200 ° C, in the furnace. The introduction of waste into the furnace is done according to the kind of waste :

  • Solid waste is introduced manually or automatically by means of a loading skip, a receiving hopper and a feed pusher and is introduced into the combustion chamber..
  • Liquid and gaseous waste can be introduced at two levels, either into the rectangular body of the furnace (combustion chamber), or directly into the post-combustion chamber via burners or specific injection nozzles. This proven process ensures complete destruction of hazardous waste, thereby protecting the environment.

Main advantages

  • This technology handles a wide variety of dedicated waste, special solid, liquid or soggy
  • Complete destruction of hazardous and other wastes by high temperature thermal process
  • Flexible operation
  • Reliability and high life time of installations
  • Possibility of steam/hot water production for industrial needs or electrical production (Steam turbines or ORCs)

Incinerators' range

TDSL Line (hospital, household, animal, industrial waste, others)

Documentation :

DSA line (MSW, animal, others)

Documentation :

DSD Line (Human, others)