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Rotary kiln

  • Specific industrial waste

  • Hazardous industrial waste

  • Healthcare activity waste with infection risk

  • Municipal solid waste (MSW)

  • Miscellaneous waste


- Capacity range from 500 kg/h up to 3 t/h, per incineration line;

- Waste heat recovery with LVH from 2 000 kJ/kg up to 12 000 kJ/kg

With a very different design from traditional incineration systems, special waste processing systems consist of a rotary tubular furnace, a post-combustion chamber, a boiler (heat exchanger) for steam generation (possibly combined with a waste heat recovery device), and a specific smoke treatment (filtration).

The general principle consists in the combustion of waste at high temperature, between 900°C and 1 200°C, in the rotary kiln or in the post-combustion chamber which completes it. The introduction of waste into the furnace is done depending on the nature of the waste:

  • Solid waste is introduced by a feed pusher in the tubular body by the rotary movement of the furnace
  • Liquid and gaseous waste can be introduced at two levels, either into the tubular body of the furnace, or directly into the post-combustion chamber via burners or specific injection nozzles. This proven process ensures complete destruction of hazardous waste, thereby reducing the emissions and helping to protect the environment.

Main advantages

  • Wide variety of special solid, liquid or soggy wastes separately or simultaneously
  • Complete destruction of hazardous waste through a high temperature thermal process
  • Flexible operation even with a “mix” of treated waste
  • Reliable, ruggedize, and high lifetime installations (more than 20 years)
  • Possibility of steam production for industrial needs or electrical production (Steam turbine or ORC).

Rotary Kiln

Rotation: 0.1 to 0.8 rpm

Outlet temperature: between 900°C and 1100°C in

cleaning phase

Lined with refractory bricks, thickness 800mm

Indicative characteristics for 4.0 t/h of solid waste and 1.0 t/h of liquid waste

  • Diameter : 4500 mm
  • Length : 13m
  • Inclination : 3%

Post-Combustion Chamber

Compulsory connected to the rotary kiln, it allows processing polluted liquids and ensure the complete combustion of gaseous residues from the rotating furnace.

Outlet temperature: between 900°C and 1100°C during the slagging

Lined with refractory bricks in layers

Indicative characteristics for 3.6 t/h of soggy and liquid waste

  • Section 5,8 x 6,2 m
  • High 20 m