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INFIGROUP, leader in waste treatment with combustion technologies, brings you a whole range of equipment dedicated to all types of waste. The waste can be of any kind and can come from a wide variety of origins. For each of your projects, you will have a wide choice of equipment and all our support to define the most optimized solution for your project. You will also have the possibility to choose the right solution for the recovery of the heat produced by the combustion of the waste (WTE).

INFIGROUP also offers Filters and additional accessories which for upstream and downstream of our SOLUTIONS of waste treatment, such as filters required in the treatment of emissions (smokes).

Becoming a major international player in the waste treatment machine industry by combustion, INFIGROUP owes its success to ruggedized processes known for their efficiency, reliability, flexibility and user friendliness. INFIGROUP sells and installs its SOLUTIONS on 4 continents and generates 90% of its turnover internationally, in partnership with a network of around fifty skilled distributors.


INFIGROUP is the manufacturer of your equipment, which also means that you choose, according to your technical staff and your internal or local skills, the scope of our services, which can range from the simple supply of the SOLUTION delivered from our workshop to a full service which will ends with the supervision of on-site assembly, start-up and commissioning, as well as the training of your staff on site. We will be glad to help you to made up your choice during our preliminary meetings and discussions.

Architect of your project, our business follow-up service will orchestrate the synergy of operations from the R&D, the production in our workshops and from local subcontractors, in order to carry out the achievement. of your solution.

INFIGROUP is the supplier of cost-effective quality SOLUTIONS, with a reasonable delivery time. With its 20 years of experience, INFIGROUP will bring you its dynamism and its know-how in order to meet your needs with the best optimized solution.


INFIGROUP offers a whole range of equipment dedicated to all types of waste, for a total or partial treatment :

  • Incinerators (waste from all types of industries, hospital waste, agri-food, organic waste, etc.)
  • Cremation (animal, human)
  • Biomass boilers (forest maintenance, urban pruning, by products from agriculture)
  • Autoclave (binder)

We commit to work with you to find the best optimized global SOLUTION to your projects, from the treatment of your waste, to the filtration of emissions, and the production of renewable and free energy.


Biomass :

  • Waste from the management of forests, or not usable as working wood
  • Urban green waste (pruning, lawns, etc.)
  • Agricultural waste (rice straw, olive pomace, EFB from palm oil trees, coconut shells, sugar cane bagasse, etc.)

Industrial Waste :

  • Solid, soggy, liquid, or gaseous waste
  • Organic waste (agri-food industry, etc.)
  • Hazardous waste (petrochemicals, etc.)
  • Contaminated waste (health sectors, etc.)

Hospital Waste :

  • Healthcare waste
  • Contaminated and / or infectious waste
  • Organic waste

Cremation :

  • Animal
  • Human

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) :

  • Unsorted waste
  • Sorted waste
  • RDS


INFIGROUP has a large network of distributors on 4 continents, and in more than 50 countries.

We are proud of the level of customer support we provide through our extensive network of skilled dealers and agents. We are constantly improving our technology with growing improvements for the environment and our customers' significant feedback.

All of our SOLUTIONS are built to the highest standards for high lifetime, user friendliness and safety.

An optimized design allows extremely simple and reliable installation and operating conditions.


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